We Were Dining
I Decided

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We Were Dining and I Decided

Director    :   Görkem Yeltan
By    :   Turkey
Genre    :   Drama

Some relations in families can easily cause to blow up a tempest. Even the weakest wind can
trigger a stormy atmosphere in families. There are always unopened discussions, secrets no one would reveal to each other and some topics always kept in the dark. They whisper but await on the sly as a messenger of a big storm.

There are countless of these messengers for Rıza Gülsoy and his family. However, Rıza, the Emperor, still believe in fortress of his family dynasty even its secret full ground. During The Feast of the Sacrifice, all family, sons, daughters, granddaughters, relatives
gather at the country house of Rıza Gülsoy.

At first, we focus on each character’s lives and witnessing all of them try to take a part and prove their existence in this family in spite of their disappointments, offenses, anger and love towards each other.

They celebrate the holiday while they share the good memories, dine, drink, sing, and dance. Horror starts when one of the granddaughters of Rıza the emperor, suddenly disappears. This would ruin the festive spirit. Every single character`s been haunted by the thought of her being kidnapped.

The relief comes on the surface when the granddaughter was found but some secrets are already revealed. There is no turning back. The festive feast starts with joy but is it turning into a real tempest?

Görkem Yeltan (Screenwriter, Director, Actress)

Miss Yeltan graduated with a BFA Acting degree from Istanbul University Conservatory, School of Drama. She appeared on many TV shows, films and stage productions. She holds two best actress awards with her portrayals of interesting characters in films, "September" and "Wrong Rosary"

She has two columns in two newspapers where she writes about children's literature and she also is a popular author with her 16 published children books. She is a songwriter as well as a screenwriter. Her secret talent earned her "best screen writer award" among her team for the scenario of the best film award winner "Wrong Rosary" in Rotterdam Film Festival.

She served as a jury member in many different national and international film festivals.
As a director, Görkem Yeltan`s first film, "We Were Dining and I decided" is strongly supported by Turkish Ministry of Culture.


Eylül - (September) 2011 (Best Actress Award)   •   Uzak İhtimal - (Wrong Rosary) 2009 (Best Actress and Best Screenwriter Award)   •   Güneşin Oğlu - 2008   •   Gölge - 2008   •   Sıfır Dediğimde - 2007   •   Pulpa - 2006   •   Miras - 2006

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Director : Görkem Yeltan


İnci : Arzu Okay Rıza : Mehmet Güreli Nuran : Sema Poyraz Alper : Gökçer Genç Bahar : Ayçıl Yeltan Mert : Kaan Çakır Ertuğrul : Turgay Aydın Deniz : Görkem Yeltan Didem : Yasemin Zamanpur Can : Ilgaz Kocatürk Alin : Alin Yeltan Derin : Derin Yeltan

Yeditepe Film

Producer : Yalçın Akyıldız Scriptwriters and Co-Producers : Burcu Aktaş, Yalçın Akyıldız, Nilüfer Uğur Dalay, Görkem Yeltan Project Consultants : Mehmet Güreli, Cemil Ağacıkoğlu, Emre Arda Script Consultant : Derviş Şentekin

Director of Photography : Ercan Özkan Editing Çiçek : Kahraman Art Director : Nilüfer Çamur Original Music : Yalçın Akyıldız Underwater Director of Photography : Mert Gökalp Sound Mixer : Ömür Müldür

cinqueesei Post Production

Post Production Supervisor : Mauro Rodella Colorist : Gianluca Ceresoli Assistant to Colorist : Pietro Comini FX and Compositing : Giorgio Poloni Post Production Coordinator : Jordana Maurer Audio Mixing and Audio Design : Diego Schiavo DCP Mastering : Ermanno Guida -Redigital Rome